Slip Rings

For the reliable transmission of electrical currents, analog signals and digital data.

What is a Slip Ring?

Slip Rings are used wherever electric currents or signals need to be transmitted from a stationary machine element to a rotating shaft or vice versa.

Your technological edge with GAT Slip Rings

Innovative products – tailor-made solutions

GAT is a manufacturer and supplier of highly advanced Slip Rings and Rotary Unions.
Further to an extensive range of standard products, we also provide individual solutions as your competent partner.

Reliable operation even in critical environments

Depending on your requirements, contacting or contactless transmission technologies are used. Compliance with specific directives or protection classes as well as certifications in accordance with UL/CSA can be provided on request.

Power, signals and data as well as liquids or gas

Combined units comprising Rotary Unions are also available and can be realized as compact units.

Slip Rings

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