GAT – high-tech products with a long service life

Long-lasting and reliable

Downtimes are very costly, and repairs are annoying – that’s why a long service life and maximum reliability are the primary development target at GAT when creating and manufacturing our products. This demands ultimate accuracy of all components.

Powerful engineering

To meet the challenge of continuously reduced product development cycles, we use the latest CAD and FEM software. This allows us to already simulate product properties at the computer that would otherwise only become obvious when testing the prototype. Valuable development time is saved.

Cutting-edge production equipment

Our throughput times are minimal – thanks to our up-to-date production equipment and transparent process control. Our production processes and workflows are continuously adjusted and improved. We supply products of ultimate quality thanks to our highly skilled experts operating the machines and assembling the products.

Air-conditioned production shop

Machining to minimal tolerances and assembly take place in air-conditioned rooms and in compliance with strict cleanliness requirements.

State-of-the-art measuring equipment

The entire production sequence is subject to strictest quality controls, from material reception to final product approval. Individual parts are measured with the latest electronic testing devices. Each single product has to go through a final test where it is checked under customer-specific testing conditions to ensure flawless operation.

High-technology with a long service life

A quality management system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 2015 ensures a consistently high quality of all processes. Our customers can rest assured that our products are the most durable and reliable parts of their equipment.

COVID 19 – current information for customers and suppliers

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