Slip Ring for contactless capacitive data transmission

Your benefits with Slip Ring ROTOCAP

Qualified for Ethernet, in real time and continuous operation

The contactless capacitive transmission technology of the ROTOCAP series currently provides the most reliable data transmission for 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet (100 BASE-TX). Transmission protocols such as PROFINET, SERCOS III, POWERLINK, EtherCAT, MECHATROLINK-III can be used.

High interference resistance – uninterrupted plant availability

The ROTOCAP system ensures flawless high-speed data transmission even in environments with strong electromagnetic interference. Uninterrupted plant availability is further ensured by the system’s maintenance-free technology.

Modular, flexible and universal

The modular and flexible design facilitates very small internal diameters from 50 mm which can be extended to 500 mm – combined with robustness. Further transmission technologies can be integrated as well without a problem. Special solutions such as ATEX/IECEx or certifications according to UL/CSA regulations are also available on request.

Technical data

Transmission typeElectric power, analogue signals, digital data
Max. number of poles80
Data rate100 Mbit/s – 2,5 Gbit/s
Max. speed [rpm]150
Max. air connection (“) (optional)G 1/2
Max. air pressure [bar]10
Slip Ring ROTOCAP design and function

Slip Ring:

Slip Ring ROTOCAP for packaging machines
ROTOCAP CAP160-FE1-0//51/33-L2-1-G3/8
Speed [rpm]Cycled operation
Transmission systemContactless, capacitive
HighlightsCAT.5e 100 MHz, with readiness indicator
Number of channels354
Transmission600 VAC/7 A100 Mbit/s

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