Medical Industry

Slip Rings, Rotary Unions and Combinations

Your benefits

High accuracy and absolute reliability combined

GAT supplies refined and proven slip rings for the reliable data transmission in state-of-the-art imaging devices.

Systems developed to purpose

Our ROTOCT system is the result of a targeted development for use in CT scanners. The contacting power and signal transmission is realized by newly developed material pairings, contactless data transmission is realized by extendable modular technology.

Cost-efficient solutions

GAT allows you to benefit from material compositions and production methods yielding options for significant cost optimization. GAT slip rings are characterized by their resistance against interference, low maintenance requirements and their extremely long service life.


    Application cases

  1. Medical CT Scanners
  2. Security inspection systems
  3. CT based industrial applications

Slip Ring:

ROTOCT CT1374-423/XXX/OG1,2
Slip Ring ROTOCT
Speed [rpm]160
Transmission systemContactless, capacitive
HighlightsCustomer-specific, up to 1.80 m free internal diameter
Number of channels101
MediumPowerVideo signals
Transmission400 VAC/125 A5 Gbit/s

Slip Ring + Optical Rotary Union + Rotary Union:

ROTOKOMBI ESR 200/24/23-1 + FORU + M50-W2-1
Slip Ring ROTOFLUX + Optical Rotary Union ROTORAY + Rotary Union ROTOPACK
Speed [rpm]60
HighlightsHigh-speed data transmission up to 30 Gbit/s thanks to integrated optical module
Number of channels995
MediumPowerSignalsCAN Bus
Transmission400 VAC/20 A24 VDC/1 A1 Mbit/s
Optical Rotary Union ROTORAY
Number of channels1
MediumOptical signal
Transmission30 Gbit/s
Rotary Union ROTOPACK
Number of channels2
Pressure [bar]4

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