Rotary Unions and Slip Rings customer-specific

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Solutions for optimized processes

To ensure optimal blade positioning and flow in water turbines, GAT offers rotary unions and slip rings specifically engineered to meet the requirements of hydropower plants.

Adjusted to your operating requirements

ROTOSTAT E is a rotary union characterized by a long service life. Thanks to its contactless, wear-free radial gap seal, it ensures reliable operation even if pressures and rotational speeds are high.

Conserving energy and saving costs

Thanks to innovative technology, GAT products boost power while cutting operating costs at the same time. Machines can be operated at reduced load, and new plants can be equipped with smaller motors.

Rotary Union:

Rotary Union ROTOSTAT E
Speed [rpm]2,000
Sealing systemRadial gap seal
HighlightsDesigned to handle high pressures and rotational speeds, yet extremely long-lasting thanks to their contactless sealing system
Number of channels2
MediumHydraulic oil
Pressure [bar]210

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