Slip Rings, Rotary Unions and Combinations

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Integration to perfection

Automated production is becoming more and more dynamic and complex. GAT rotary unions and slip rings respond to this trend by becoming ever lighter and more compact. They can be integrated into existing systems in an optimal manner.

Fit for the future?

GAT offers smart rotary unions for the simultaneous transmission of different media with state monitoring, plug-type transmission couplings and smart slip rings for real-time data transmission.

Reliability through quality and precision

GAT rotary unions and slip rings are manufactured to utmost quality on state-of-the-art machinery and from optimal material. Comprehensive testing processes ensure their flawless function.


    Application cases

  1. Robotic and assembly applications
  2. 6-axis robots / industrial robots
  3. Collaborating robots / COBOTS
  4. Industry 4.0 solutions

Rotary Union + Slip Ring:

Rotary Union ROTOPACK + Slip Ring ROTOFLUX
Speed [rpm] 120, cycling
Highlights Extremely compact rotary transmission system for air and electric power
Rotary Union ROTOPACK
Sealing system Contact seal
Number of channels 8
Medium Air
Pressure [bar] 10
Transmission system Gold / gold
Number of channels 5 3
Medium Power Profibus
Transmission 250 VAC/9 A 12 Mbit/s

Optical Rotary Union:

Optical Rotary Union ROTORAY
Speed [rpm] 150
Transmission system Fiber-optical
Highlights Extremely compact, wear-free, high-speed data transmission
Number of channels 1
Medium Optical signal
Transmission 30 Gbit/s

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