Slip Ring ROTOCT

Slip Ring for the reliable transmission of power and data in CT scanners

Your benefits with Slip Ring ROTOCT

Flawless operation

The ROTOCT slip ring has been specifically developed for use in CT scanners. It meets the high demands in terms of precision and fault-free operation that are a prerequisite for medical equipment.

Long service life – easy maintenance

An innovative, newly developed material pairing for the power and signal tracks in combination with the brushes ensures the contacting transmission of power and signals in CT scanners.

Reliable data transmission

Contactless capacitive transmission technology ensures rates up to 5 Gbit/s – in real-time.

Modular design for flexible internal diameters

Supplementing the standard solutions, our extendable modular technology also allows customer-specific solutions to be realized. The ROTOCT system is available with a free internal diameter of up to 1,300 mm.

Technical data

Transmission typeHigh/low power, analogue signals, digital image data
Max. data rate [Gbit/s]5
Max. speed [rpm]300
OptionalIntegrated encoder system
CT Slip Ring design and function

Slip Ring:

Slip Ring ROTOCT for the medical industry
ROTOCT CT1374-423/XXX/OG1,2
Slip Ring ROTOCT
Speed [rpm]160
Transmission systemContactless, capacitive
Number of channels101
MediumPowerVideo signals
Transmission400 VAC/125 A5 Gbit/s

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