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Rotary Unions, Slip Rings and Combinations

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Fine-tuned to precision

Wherever a multitude of media such as hydraulic oil, foam or water demand specific sealing solutions, GAT ensures maximum operational reliability.

Optimally adjusted sealing systems

We always pick the optimal sealing system from the broad range of products that have all been developed in-house. For example, we offer sealing systems that successfully protect equipment against abrasive rock dust, realizing unprecedented drilling times.

Tailored to your needs

Our engineers and technicians develop rotary unions and slip rings for any application – including combined solutions for the simultaneous transmission of media and electric power and signals.

Rotary Unions:

ROTOKOMBI M125 X6-1 + MCR2 8-08-K
Rotary Unions ROTOPACK
Speed [rpm]5
Sealing systemContact seal
HighlightsRotary union combinations with non-leaking contact seal
Number of channels248
MediumHydraulic oil
Pressure [bar]3003050

Rotary Unions + Slip Ring + Optical Rotary Union:

ROTOKOMBI M60 EX2EW2 + SW50 L-1 + ESW110/09-1 + FORU
Rotary Unions ROTOSTAT E/ROTODISK SW + Slip Ring ROTOFLUX + Optical Rotary Union ROTORAY
Speed [rpm]160
HighlightsCompact rotary transmission system, high-speed data transmission up to 30 Gbit/s thanks to integrated optical module
Rotary Union ROTOSTAT E
Sealing systemRadial gap seal
Number of channels22
MediumHydraulic oilWater
Pressure [bar]250150
Rotary Union ROTODISK SW
Sealing systemAxial mechanical seal
Number of channels1
Pressure [bar]10
Transmission systemGold / gold
Number of channels45
Transmission24 VDC/5 A24 VDC/1 A
Optical Rotary Union ROTORAY
Transmission systemFiber-optical
Number of channels1
MediumOptical signal
Transmission30 Gbit/s

Our products in detail
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