Rotary Union ROTOVAC

Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough with ferrofluid sealing technology

Your benefits with Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough ROTOVAC

Wear-free ferro-fluid seal

The sealing element of the ROTOVAC consists of fluid magnetic O-rings held in position by a ring-shaped magnetic field. ROTOVAC unions are wear-free and can transfer gaseous media at pressures of up to 1 bar or vacuums up to 10-8 mbar.

Reducing drive power and costs

As compared to polymer seals, the ROTOVAC magnetic fluid seal has almost no friction and just a minimal stick-slip effect. Drive power is reduced significantly.

Particle-free vacuum – process purity assured

Since there is no abrasion between shaft and sealing element, the vacuum area remains free of particles. This high level of process purity is further supported by maintenance-free sealing elements and the non-reactive magnetic fluid.

Technical data

MediaFine, high and ultra-high vacuum
Max. number of channels2
Max. pressure [bar]1
Max. speed [rpm]10,000
Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough ROTOVAC standard
ROTOVAC Standard
Solid-shaft variant, standard connection
Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough ROTOVAC special design
ROTOVAC Special design
Hollow-shaft variant, customer-specific connection
Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough ROTOVAC design and function

Rotary Unions:

Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough ROTOVAC for semiconductors
ROTOKOMBI MF38 V1-1 + M50 L1
Speed [rpm]80
HighlightsROTOVAC vacuum rotary union with ferro-fluid sealing technology
Rotary Union ROTOVAC
Sealing systemFerro-fluid sealing system
Number of channels1
Pressure [mbar]10-5
Rotary Union ROTOPACK
Sealing systemContact seal
Number of channels1
Pressure [mbar]7

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