Rotary Union ROTOCAL

Rotary Union for large shaft diameters

Your benefits with Rotary Union ROTOCAL

Engineered for large diameters

Friction loss and leakage increase with the diameter of the shaft. With specifically engineered sliding shoes for diameters from 200 to 3,000 mm, ROTOCAL unions are a perfect solution.

Operation at minimal loss

For media transmission, ROTOCAL rotary unions use sliding shoes in the stationary part. These only require a fraction of the circumference and, in addition, are hydrostatically relieved. Consequence: Friction loss and leakage are reduced to a minimum.

Universally adjustable

By optimizing material pairing, valve size, sliding-shoe design, number of valves and slip shoes, the system can be adjusted to even the most diverse operating conditions and media.

Technical data

MediaOil, water
Max. number of channels2
Max. pressure [bar]100
Max. speed [rpm]1,000
Rotary Union ROTOCAL design and function

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