Rotary Union ROTOPACK

Rotary Union with leakage-free contact seal

Your benefits with Rotary Union ROTOPACK

Leakage-free and wear-resistant

The elastic sealing systems developed in-house and the special coatings of the shaft ensure minimal wear and reliable operation without leakage of the ROTOPACK rotary unions – despite the contacting seal.

Successfully in use in many applications

ROTOPACK rotary unions are available in several variants and for any media – no matter what your requirements are. Due to its high number of variants, ROTOPACK rotary unions can be used in many applications: from tunneling machines to rotary tables or robots.

Your requirements – our solutions

Thanks to their special design principle, ROTOPACK units meet any requirement, providing a tailor-made, reliable and profitable solution. Even if demands in terms of pressure, speed, torque and seal diameter are high.

Technical data

MediaOil, air, emulsion, water, gas, low and fine vacuum
Max. number of channels20
Max. pressure [bar]450
Max. speed [rpm]500
Rotary Union ROTOPACK standard
For 1 to 10 channels, up to 450 bar, channel diameters from 6 to 25 mm
Rotary Union ROTOPACK special design
ROTOPACK Special variants
Up to 20 channels, for all media and large shaft diameters

Rotary Unions:

Rotary Union ROTOKOMBI for construction machinery and cranes
ROTOKOMBI M125 X6-1 + MCR2 8-08-K
Rotary Unions ROTOPACK
Speed [rpm]5
Sealing systemContact seal
HighlightsRotary union combinations with contact seal
Number of channels248
MediumHydraulic oil
Pressure [bar]3003050
Rotary Union ROTOKOMBI for centrifuges
ROTOKOMBI M80 EX2 -1 + M80 L4 W2-1
Speed [rpm]200
HighlightsSpecifically designed for simultaneous operation at high speeds and high pressures
Rotary Union ROTOSTAT E
Sealing systemRadial gap seal
Number of channels11
MediumHydraulic oil
Pressure [bar]33030
Rotary Unions ROTOPACK
Sealing systemContact seal
Number of channels42
Pressure [bar]1010

Our products in detail
Multi channel rotary union combining different sealing technologies
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