Rotary Unions

Single- and multiple-channel Rotary Unions for almost any media

What are Rotary Unions?

Rotary Unions, also found on the terms “Rotary Joints” or “Rotating Unions”, are used wherever liquids or gas need to be transferred from a stationary machine element to a rotating shaft or vice versa.
Acting as a “Rotary Union electrical”, Slip Rings transmit power, signals or digital data.

Your technological edge with GAT Rotary Unions

Innovative products – tailor-made solutions

GAT is a manufacturer and supplier of highly advanced Rotary Unions and
Slip Rings.
Further to an extensive range of standard products, we also provide individual solutions as your competent partner.

Different media and electric current

We offer single-and multiple-channel Rotary Unions. Different media can be transferred at the same time.
Combined units comprising Slip Rings are also available and can be realized as compact units.

Durable products for reliable plant availability

Our Rotary Unions are based on sealing technologies that have proven their worth for decades. We carefully select the optimal solution to meet your individual requirements.

Rotary Unions

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