Rotary Unions, Slip Rings, Combinations and Air Bearings

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Mature equipment for vacuum processes

Ultimate accuracy is the backbone of semiconductor and wafer production. With its technically mature ferro-fluid sealing systems, GAT meets the demands implied in the transmission of rotary motion into a vacuum.

For utmost vacuum quality

Thanks to the use of fully inert magnetic-fluid seals, ROTOVAC rotary unions can be used in processes where utmost purity is a prerequisite. They can be used in ultra-high vacuum up to 10-8 mbar.

Application-specific combinations

Vacuum rotary unions from GAT are tailored to your requirements and the specifications of your application. The modular design allows the combination of any features required, including electrical slip rings.

Rotary Unions:

ROTOKOMBI MF38 V1-1 + M50 L1
Speed [rpm] 80
Highlights ROTOVAC vacuum rotary union with ferro-fluid sealing technology
Rotary Union ROTOVAC
Sealing system Ferro-fluid sealing system
Number of channels 1
Medium Vakuum
Pressure [mbar] 10-5
Rotary Union ROTOPACK
Sealing system Contact seal
Number of channels 1
Medium Gas
Pressure [bar] 7

Slip Ring:

Speed [rpm] 15
Transmission system Gold / gold
Highlights Ferro-fluid sealing between rotating shaft and stationary housing of slip ring
Number of channels 8 12
Medium Power Signals
Transmission 24 VDC/4 A 30 VDC/20 A

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