Rotary Atomizer ROTOSPRAY

Air Bearing Rotary Atomizer

Your benefits with Rotary Atomizer ROTOSPRAY

High precision for perfect paintwork

The air bearing rotary atomizers have been specifically designed for the paint atomization in automated paint streets. The sprayer’s micro-jets ensure finest and consistent spraying at speeds up to 70,000 rpm.

Significant performance increase

Thanks to its high-performance turbine that has been aerodynamically optimized for low air consumption, ROTOSPRAY achieves an enormous performance boost.

Adjusted to individual requirements

The air bearing rotary atomizer can handle high loads, making the ROTOSPRAY system especially suitable for use in robotized applications. To cater for individual requirements, the rotary atomizer is available with specific connection layouts and housing variants.

Technical data

ROTOSPRAY Type: Z70-10000B Type: Z70HP-10269B
Max. speed [rpm] 70,000 70,000
Max. flow rate [ml/min] 600 * 1,200 *
Radial load capacity [N] 82 96
Axial load capacity [N] 158 174
Bearing air pressure [bar] 6 6
Bearing air consumption approx. [Nl/min] 85 85
Turbine air pressure approx. [bar] 5.5 5.2
Turbine air consumption approx. [Nl/min] 470 620
Bell diameter [mm] 55-70 55-70
* at 70,000 rpm, 55 mm bell, medium: water