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Clamping Systems

Application Description
Rotating gripping and clamping systems, such as lathe chucks and tool clamps, need to be supplied with the necessary pressurized mediums e.g. hydraulic oil, water, air, or vacuum. It is especially important to encounter very small hydraulic and mechanical losses. In a number of applications nowadays, our contact-free sealing system Rotostat is used, which can even operate at high pressures and high rotation rates of 30000 rpm with hardly any losses, due to the fact that only viscous friction occurs in the hydrostatically regulated clearance seal. In a single rotary union emulsion and oil can be transmitted safely separately from one another.
Examples of Use
Hydraulic Clamp of a Gear Toothing Machine
Rotostat M40EX2-0 with clamping cylinder
  • 2 ways of hydraulic oil
  • 50 bar of pressure
  • 1 ways of pressurized air for tool control
  • Rotational speed 1250 rpm
  • Compact and sturdy total system
  • Contact-free and wear-free sealing system
Clamping system of a tooling spindle
Rotokombi Rotostat M25EX1-1 + Rotodisk S1
  • 1 way of hydraulic oil, 180 bar
  • 1 way of coolant, 70 bar
  • Rotational speed 15000 rpm
  • Combinations of contact-free and leakage-free sealing systems
Product Guide
Transmission with High Rotation Rates
Contact-free sealing systems for high rotation rates and high pressures, that stand out for very low friction and wear, and thus guarantee a very long product life.
Transmission with Low Rotation Rates
Leakage-free rotary unions with elastic contact seals for high pressures and low rotation rates.