Locally involved: Main sponsor of BAN festival

The “Besser als nix!” youth festival in the Rheingau region

This year, GAT is one of the two main sponsors of the “Besser als nix!” (Better than nothing!) festival, supporting young culture in the Rheingau region. The festival could not be realized in its present form without our participation. The highly motivated organizers provide a stage for young bands from the Rheingau and Rhein-Main regions so that they can present their songs to a wider audience – a chance that doesn’t come by often.

The festival will be held from May 3rd to 5th, 2013, on the Rhine river meadows in Geisenheim. The program offers many types of music to cater to the tastes of a diverse audience of any age. Friday’s bands will be playing prog metal, alternative, and ska rock, the Saturday program includes indie, rock and pop, Sunday is planned to be a “chill day” with morning performances, big bands, traditional German music as well as ‘cool’ rock bands. Stands located between stages offer arts and various types of interactive performances as well as many culinary treats.

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