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Separater Centrifuges

Application Description
Centrifuges such as decanters or pusher centrifuges, which perform a continual separation process, empty the remaining solids over a mechanical conveyor system. To drive this system, which is located in the rotating part of the centrifuge, a hydraulic motor is used, which is supplied with oil by means of a rotary union. The rotary union must be able to withstand high pressures and rotation rates, as well as high flow rates. The high demands from the constant operation necessitates a high level of reliability and endurance, in order to guarantee a long product life.
Examples of Use
Conveyor Systems with Decanter Centrifuges
Rotostat M80 NX2
  • 2 ways of hydraulic oil
  • 280 bar of pressure
  • Rotational speed 2000 rpm
  • 80 mm shaft diameter
Conveyor System of a Moving Floor Centrifuge
Rotostat 140 NX-2
  • 2 ways of hydraulic oil
  • 160 bar of pressure
  • Rotational speed 1200 rpm
  • 140 mm shaft diameter
Product Guide
Supplying various Mediums
Contact-free sealing systems for supplying hydraulic oil in the case of high rotation rates and high pressures. Hydrostatically regulated clearance seals guarantee very low friction and wear, and thus a very long product life. The series Rotostat N provides particularly high flow rates.