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Internal Coolant Supply

Application description
The internal coolant supply through cooling channels present in tools, is particularly essential nowadays when working with high-grade materials and complicated components in modern manufacturing. The rapidly increasing cutting speeds in HSC processing, and the continuously decreasing diameters of deep hole drilling requires quick heat dissipation and safe removal of the chips. In order to insure this process at increasingly higher speeds and pressures, rotary unions are necessary that deliver the various cooling agents, like emulsion, oil, oil-air mixture or dry air, to the spindle shaft, by way of the permanently advanced sealing systems.
Examples of Use
Milling spindle with Coolant- ICS
Rotodisk S0
  • Revolutions 16.000 rpm
  • Coolant, 150 bar
  • Sturdy triple-spindle bearings
  • M16x1.5 Fitting
  • Durable ceramic contact seals
Milling spindle with Coolant- or Oil- ICS
Rotodisk S2-S
  • Revolutions 30.000 rpm
  • Coolant, 130 bar
  • Sturdy triple hybrid bearings
  • Vibration-decoupled mounting
  • Cutting oil resistant, clamped contact seals
Milling spindle with Coolant -ICS, Air-Cooled or IMQL
Rotodisk S1-AK
  • Revolutions 20.000 rpm
  • Coolant, 80 bar or
  • Air, 20 bar or
  • Oil-Air mixture, 10 bar
  • Non-contact seal during air operation
Product guide
Single channel System, axial mounting
Hydrostatically released and dry operation safe contact seals for safely transmitting coolant, oil, Oil-Air mixture or air. It will not leak upon shutting off the coolant supply.
Single channel System, radial feed
Rotary union with durable contact seals, hydrostatically released, compact design for installation on driven tools.
Multi-channel System, integrated Installation
Non-contact sealing system for high pressures and very high flow rates with very little leakage at the same time. The sealing system, which almost does not wear out, guarantees a very long product life.